Some people like me are very tired for work in this sector and
only see some scams in internet business. For this I have make
this blog for all serious people can shows by this way and together all details about this scam company`s and people`s.

Please, all company`s and people denounced in this blog by this company, they are supported by legal tests of these accusations, it is asked that everybody who denounces companies or people he/she has tests of their accusations too.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

See all information with us .

We must try to finish with all scammers and help in build an internet the most safety we can, but for that we need your help too, for make the life of this scammers more difficult and without lucrative life, like this company`s name.
- Gold Coast Mines, Ltd of Accra represented by Mr. Bramah Savage, debt with our company 4M.USD
- Ring Mines,Ltd of Cameroon represented by Mm. Eposi Elome
Help us finish with this people and company`s.........Thanks.